Bluegrass Flyer's Planes Bluegrass Flyer's Planes Carl's collection, some of which is no longer with us, lol. RIP Cub, Alpha trainer, L39..... 172675835 Hangar 9 Cub, I believe Carl's or Gregg's? 172675836 Mark Alcorn's 46-60 size Great Planes Eagle 580. 172675837 Fleet of Parkzone T-28's and P47 172675838 Gregg and Christopher Frondal with their T-28's. One awesome little foam flyer for not alot of $$ 172675839 Frosty Fly New years flying. 172675840 Oktoberfest 2010 172675841 Gregg's Extra 300 in the bones. Soon to be finished! 172675842 Carl and Gregg giving instruction on the trainer 172675843 Mix of Jake Brumfield and Mark Alcorn's fleet at Lew McFarland Memorial Oktoberfest 2012 172675844 Night flying Oktoberfest 2012 172675845 Richard Overstreet's Hangar 9 p51 with retracts. He don't fly any lower than full throttle 99.9% of the time!! 172675846 Bill Parson's Little Toni 172675847 172675848 Daniel Loane with his Great Planes Big Stik 172677750 172677751 Jeff Loane and Kit built Great Planes Super sportster 172677752 Carl Smith and John Shewmaker's Turbine JEt 172677753 172677754 172677755 172677756 John's Fun fly 172677757 Jake Brumfields modified Super Sportster 172677758 172677759 Scottie and his Tower Hobbies Trainer 172677760 Jake's Ultra micro Beast 172677761 172677762 Marks Cap 176638453 Marks t34 176638454 Jakes Parkzone Cub, su26 176638455 UM BEAST! this is the best flying beast ive ever flown ;P 176638456 Jake and planes 176638457 Sr and 130x 176638458